New apps with international standards quench market thirst in Iraq

Jul 16, 2021

Delivery services are one of the most important factors that make your life easier and save you time and money. Nowadays, everything is available with just one click through the internet. Unfortunately, these types of businesses and services in Iraq face many challenges and problems that can affect their performance and desired results.

These problems affect the image of online shopping and the relationship with customers, especially if the customer is not offered a quick solution. Businesses should realize that the most important thing is how to address these problems and overcome them successfully with minimal damage.

Considering these challenges, TipTop came up with the idea of entering the local market from Erbil and expanding to all Iraqi governorates in the future. TipTop studied the market and the expected needs of customers to create the best, fastest, and easiest online food and grocery delivery in Iraq.

TipTop aims to mitigate or even prevent the impact of the other companies and not fall into the mistakes of these interim startups that disappear after a short time because they failed to study the market needs and customer service.

The most important question we need to ask ourselves is: why do delivery companies close again after such a short time?

The Answer Is: Due to the lack of proper planning, the study of the local market, and the needs of customers at the same time, TipTop established a team to study the local market and put its hand on the real problems in the market. After a focused study, we found out that there are several problems and planned solutions for it developed by specialists with long experience in the field of technology in mobile application services with international standards followed, marketing and a trained team to provide customer service with international standards.

According to the strategy prepared it was necessary to highlight the most important and famous challenges faced by delivery platforms & delivery operations.

The best solutions to the 9 most popular challenges:

1.Delivery problems due to emergency conditions such as COVID-19 in a safe manner

We all feel how the new COVID-19, affected all different business sectors; whether industrial, commercial, medical, economical…etc. e-commerce was not without these effects, even though it has its advantages such as transforming the activity of large numbers of famous brands to be all online after suffering from huge losses as a result of the COVID-19 crisis.

Solving this type of challenge can be done by guaranteeing the required products and foods while following the safety protocol and precautionary instructions (activating the mask-wearing precaution application, gloves, sterilization, and social distancing upon delivery).

2.Challenges of delivering orders with the required quality

Delivery of food (hot or cold) seems difficult at first, but with the agreement and partnership with various restaurants in its field, it will fall off your shoulders as the secret to solve this problem will be the right choice of a partner who works with you to deliver a great impression and image of the restaurant and your brand before delivering orders.

And then comes the role of the delivery captain who delivers orders from the desired restaurants on our bikes, taking into account the storage of hot or cold foods, so that the customer receives the food as if it is just got out of the oven and/or fridge. 

3.Expensive delivery costs

There are many different delivery companies, some of which charge low fees and are suitable for all those interested, and others charge very expensive fees that many can not afford. The buyer must know that the cost of delivery is an important factor in completing the order or leaving the shopping cart. Therefore, there must be good research and study of competitive prices & comparison between companies so that the final decision will be taken at a low cost in exchange for the best services to be assured of getting the best deal and the most suitable agreement.

4. Challenges of selecting specific options by customers and covering all available restaurants groceries need to satisfy all tastes.

This challenge has been taken into consideration by TipTop which provides a wide choice of 90% of luxury, popular & local restaurants providing a huge selection of cuisines, meals, sweets to meet all tastes. And also TipTop Market for groceries has over +2000 items to meet everyone's needs for grocery & household necessities.

5. App technical problems during peak times

We have been working and focusing from the beginning on solving such problem because it was one of the main problems of some other companies which lead to lack of trust of customers for getting the order in the required time and this will create a gap between the customer and the company services, therefore a technical team has been established working through the platform details to prevent such problems.

6.Delay in delivering orders

This is done by setting up specific delivery center points in various areas in Erbil city so that whenever an order is requested it will be sent to the closest captain of that request while giving the time period for the order to reach the customer location, it will be the fastest delivery which takes between 15 to 30 minutes.

7.Customer service problems in the local market

Where the company’s main goal is to gain customers' trust and meet their expectations. TipTop's customer service team was trained for 6 months before opening the company to make sure to provide the best customer service, adding to that there is a quality control team which follows up each order & the service provided is according to the customer’s desire.

8. Multiple language challenges

It is unreasonable to have a service in one language in Iraq. TipTop provides the service in 3 languages (Arabic, English, Kurdish) on all our platforms, starting from the application and ending with the social networking sites Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and Twitter to reach all audiences in Iraq.

9.Daily Deals

By planning and communicating with restaurants partners & by analyzing our reports and insights we assure TipTop customers to provide them with the best offers at the lowest prices on a daily basis, whether from the application or social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok) and also email to provide the customers the best experience possible from deals to delivery time & service.

We hope that the solutions to the most common problems and challenges are covered in this article, it helps restaurants & delivery companies to keep those points in consideration. 

Relax, TipTop Serves You Fast

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