TipTop apps launch ceremony In Erbil - Iraq

Feb 25, 2021

TipTop the first start-up uses Dark Store concept to deliver groceries in Iraq

TipTop, an Iraqi food & grocery delivery company, held a launch event for its mobile applications in Erbil on Thursday evening, February 21/2021 at Rotana Hotel - Erbil. The ceremony was attended by some representatives of the embassies of countries, local press, television stations, local & foreign investors, university professors, social media influencers, and some institutions supporting the start-up ecosystem business in Iraq.

The Founder & CEO of the company, Mr. Hasan A., stated, “TipTop will be a friend to all people & it will solve people's problems at home too!” and that the idea of ​​establishing the company was based on a shortage in the local market, according to which customers wanted to deliver more different foods to their places of residence at maximum speed and in safe ways. TipTop product delivery apps rely mainly on modern technology to fill those gaps in the target market.

Managers of different departments in the company focused in their speech on the importance of entrepreneurship in Iraq, what are the strategies and studies followed before starting, as well as choosing cutting edge technologies to deliver the value for TipTop customers and partners.

The application features & the company's vision were presented to the attendees & what makes TipTop mobile apps and its various services the best choice, especially if it’s compared to the current services and the local market's thirst for new sustainable and reliable solutions that meet the customers' desire with the best means, since there is a huge number of companies were closed after a short period of time due to low sufficiency & weak establishment. Nowadays technology plays an important role in people’s life therefore its very important to find solutions that ease people's life and save their time.

TipTop CEO Mr.Hasan A., also announced the launch of the first Dark Store which is “TipTop Market” in Iraq to deliver groceries to consumers within 30 minutes, thus contributing to filling a gap that consumers suffer in the market by offering a wide range of grocery items, including fresh products, fruits & vegetables, meat, as well as other groceries all of which are sold at the same prices in other grocery stores.

Also, a plan has been announced to expand to all governorates of Iraq in the near future, since the company's cadres have been trained for a period of 6 months by experts and developed to start in a correct manner, on specific rules and strategies to secure delivery services that are the best, fastest and easiest, as the company provides a large group of specially designed solutions and services to suit all needs and to develop them in the future with wider services. The company has expressed its willingness to cooperate with universities and institutes to support entrepreneurship, as well as employ people for an internship in the company to gain experience from international specialists and experts from various nationalities and domains.

At last the Co-Founder & CBO Mr. Kerem A. said: It is our duty to provide customers and our partners the restaurant owners with sustainable and reliable solutions, and with our participation in the local market we will provide new logistical solutions and technology which provides added value to our customers and shareholders. And as an Iraqi company, we are proud of what we have come till now and there are more services to come in the near future.

It is worth noting that Iraq has a tremendous amount of opportunities as there is great competition between global and local companies to provide the Iraqi market with such services and applications, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic due to the thirst for delivery services as for many years a large number of companies were suffering to provide the best services with well-developed applications.

TipTop is an Iraqi company that started working on building smart applications with international standards in April 2020 and the official launch of its apps was in January 2021 which comes in several languages: Arabic, Kurdish, and English, and planning to expand its services to all Iraqi provinces soon.

To download the App: https://bit.ly/2O3J5zt

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